Nora McCulloch

With more than two decades worth of experience working at some of the top doctor’s offices in the nation, Nora McCulloch brings significant office management and operations experience to the Team Type 1 Foundation.

Her connection to the foundation is much more than work. Her husband lives with type 1 diabetes along with two of her sons. Over the past 10 years, Nora has learned first-hand the world of insulin, test strips, hypos, CGM’s, and pumps. Through her family connection and involvement with the Atlanta diabetes community, Nora was familiar with the Team Type 1 Foundation and Team Novo Nordisk and had a close relationship with Phil and Biljana Southerland.

A lifelong sports lover meant that when Phil approached Nora to join the organization, it was the perfect overlap between her passion for diabetes awareness and sports fandom.

When not working, Nora spends time with her husband Andy, their five kids together, and her dog Dakota. She can be always be found watching college football during the fall and a variety of other sports (now cycling) throughout the rest of the year.